Welcome to Angry Birds bar.
Angry by name but very friendly by nature!


We are Phnom Penh’s most enjoyable new hostess bar, located in Street 130 just one block from the riverside, opposite Fire Bar.

Genuine customer comments…

“Great atmosphere – thank you Angry Birds. I’ll remember this bar on my next trip to Phnom Penh.”  Tomas, Amsterdam

“The girls were sweet and not overly pushy. They really kept me entertained whilst I was there.” Kevin, Brisbane

“Wow, had a crazy time on party night! When’s the next one?” Steve, Phnom Penh

What do you want when you come to a bar?­­­­
  • Genuinely welcoming and friendly staff who really enjoy working here and aren’t going to hassle you to buy drinks. (Oh, and they’re very very attractive)
  • A good selection of drinks and ice-cold beer
  • A great atmosphere, air-conditioning, relaxed lighting and comfortable seating
  • The music you love – not played at a deafening volume
  • Reasonable prices, and regular promotions on beer, spirits and wines
  • Snacks or larger meals brought to you if you’re hungry
  • A fun night out that makes you want to come back again
You’ll find all of this at Angry Birds Bar. Fly in to see us tonight. We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard payments.